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The purpose of BIGWOOD’s
establishing dog kennels in Germany

One of the biggest reasons for our starting dog breeding is because of our observation that the morals of raising dogs are getting low in Japan. Dogs are raised by people, however, we have seen some dogs with harmful effects due to breeder ignorance. We have also felt, that many questionable breeders consider that dogs as business tools, and ultimately have damaged their dog’s physical and mental health. We strongly felt that there must be changes in the Japanese breeder’s venue itself, and decided to study dog’s breeding standard, breeding management, and reviewed the nature of dog shows in 2007 held in Germany.

The results of the German Dog Study, matched our idea to make necessary changes in Japan’s dog breeder venues in the following areas: standards, thoughts, philosophy, views, and the true meaning and the existence of dog shows. We would like to teach the younger Japanese generation what we have learned about breeding, dog shows, and our ideal breeding methodologies observed in Germany. Moreover, we want to make an effort to have more Japanese breeders with pure minds to protect dog breeds which are physically and mentally strong, and also to infuse the breeders to have breeding techniques which would produce more healthy dogs. Finally, we pledge that we will use ethical breeding principles and will become proud and happy with our dog’s big happy smile.

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